Thursday, November 10, 2016

Feelings, no matter how you voted

No one gets to tell me how to feel. Not the people who voted for Trump and because of my skin color think I may have voted for him too. Don't tell me to feel excited.

Please if you voted for Trump, Remember that giving someone rights, does not take rights away from you. Remember that often times being politically correct requires nothing more than being polite, and a willingness to learn. If a word or phrase offends you wouldn't you prefer people stop using that word or phrase? Return the favor, pay it forward. Learn what is offensive and be polite.

If you voted for Trump, don't tell me it will not be that bad. That there is no way that the president can take away my freedoms, my friends freedoms, and the freedoms of millions of Americans. The president can put a cabinet into place that with the help of a socially conservative congress can do just that. They may have to fight for it, but it is disheartening to watch, and we are afraid while watching and fighting to retain those freedoms. Remember that fear doesn't make us cowards.

No one gets to tell me how to feel. Not the people who voted for Clinton and because I am a woman assume that I voted for her too. Don't tell me what to be enraged at, don't tell me what to be indignant about. I have friends and co-workers and classmates that fit into every demographic group that has been insulted. I am a demographic that has been insulted. I have bled, I got to be middle aged (remember the insult "Look at that face"), I got fat, and I am not rich. I have been sexually harassed, and groped in public.

I also know that if Clinton had won, it is likely that Trump supporters would today be feeling shock, anger, and fear.

I do recommend you find a cause you feel strongly about, no matter how you voted. Pick that cause and fight to better everyone.

I get to decide what fights I will take on and what fights I will leave to others. Only I can make that choice. You get to decide what fights you will take on.

I won't tell you how to feel, don't tell me how to feel.

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