Thursday, July 12, 2007

Spam in Disguise

I'm going to have a little rant now. I'm sure anyone who reads blogs, and has access to the Internet is aware of the problem of Spam in disguise -- Chain E-mails. These come in the form of E-mails from friends and family and co-workers. The people that have forwarded them are most likely smart, well-educated, loving individuals. They want to help. They want to help you, me, their family and the people whom the e-mails say will be helped if you forward the e-mail. There is an easy way to check out many of these e-mails. Go to a hoax site. The one I use is Snopes.

Do you remember being a child and getting a chain letter either in the mail or from a friend who handed it to you at school? Did your parents say don't pass that along it is illegal? Guess what folks, same thing here. Well, I don't know if it is illegal, but it doesn't work. Have some confidence in yourself. Before you hit the forward button and start typing in e-mail addresses remember who those addresses belong to. If they are your family, well they'll still be your family whether or not you send them the e-mail. They will still love you even if you don't pass it along. Are they your friends? You won't lose friends if you don't pass them along.

Will God remember if you don't forward that prayer and then not let you into heaven? I kinda doubt that, at least the not getting into heaven part. While I find other chain mails range from amusing to annoying, this type downright angers me. I see it as emotional blackmail. (Pagans and atheists bear with me a moment.) If you are worried about witnessing and sharing your love for God and his love for all of creation with all of creation then get up off your chair, log off the computer and go find clean blankets or towels to donate to the homeless shelter. Go volunteer to serve meals, and not just on holidays, they need volunteers all year long. You don't even have to tell these people about God, your love and his will shine through anyway. If someone asks why you are doing it, then tell them that you are living your faith, that this his how you are demonstrating your love for God and his love for the world. That donation of time or money or things may be better remembered by God than whether or not you hit a forward button. This low key way of witnessing will not push people away. If you are pagan or atheist, you can do these things, but say it is your way of giving back to the community, of contributing to society.

Spam, lets keep just for breakfast. ;-)

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