Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thing 7 finding feeds for RSS

I’m having the same problem Anj mentioned in her blog post. 5 more feeds, I already subscribe to quite a few. So I went looking. It took me a while to find 5 that I really wanted to follow. We’ll see if I keep them all. The ‘chosen ones’ are a mix of politics, library, and personal interest. I expect that I will keep at least one or two and I really need to go through all that I am subscribed too and see if I want to keep them all. Since the bloggers at least don’t all post daily I may end up keeping them all as I won’t have to read something from all of them every day.

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Lori said...

Hi Kelly!

You probably won't have a problem keeping all 5 of your new feeds if you like them enough to keep them. What I've found is that (especially with bloggers) there tends to be an initial flurry of publication then it becomes more episodic with longer time between episodes. One feed I'd recommend to both you and Anj if you don't have it already is BoingBoing. It has a very eclectic collection of literary/quirky/political submissions. Some of it can be a little strange and/or offensive, but I've gotten some very good ideas for our website and building plan from it. It does have several submissions per day which can really stack up if you ignore it for a few days. But the crafty how-to create video game/literature based stuff is great.