Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Thing 8 Discover Flickr

I’ve looked around Flickr before, looking at pictures when people have posted about it on their blogs. It can be a very helpful site! At one point a group I used to belong to started talking about ATCs. I was clueless and they told me it was for Artist Trading Cards and suggested I go to Flickr and search on that tag. If you are a quilter try searching Crazy Quilt ATC. You’ll find some beautiful work. These pieces are only the size of a Baseball trading card.

I’m not going to blog about the ATCs on Flickr though. I want to talk a little bit about this picture.


I am a fan of urban decay photos. To me they are absolutely inspirational. This particular photo is a ruined theatre in Germany, uploaded by Hasleman. What little I’ve looked around he has quite a few urban decay pictures. Anyway anyone can see that this is a falling down building with chipped paint, exposed wood, and well to me it looks like the ceiling is going to cave in. I suspect I would have loved to play inside it as a child. Now as an adult I’d love to stand inside and smell the rotting woods, examine the details of the pillars, see if the stage can still be walked on. I would try to imagine the plays that had been performed here. What would the audience have looked like? My imagination just runs wild with all the what were(s) when it comes to these urban decay pictures.

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Lori said...

I like urban decay photography/art for the same reason--and also to imagine how something could be restored and/or repurposed to its former glory.

Flickr is great for finding all sorts of quirky niche pictures. I've had to really limit myself otherwise I'll spend hours just looking at the creative photography.